Sunday, 28 November 2010

Living in a winter wonderland

So it's been a long long time since I've posted on here but I am having a bout of self expression so thought I would reprise my blogging ways. 

This mainly came about now that I'm reading a few other blogs and I wanted to join in the fun once more. Also the fact I've been in the house all day doing not much of anything and thought it would be a good way to fill some time.

I was stuck in by the way, not because I'm lazy but because it is not entirely dis-similar to the arctic outside (although being lazy was part of it too). It's been snowing for over 24 hours now and no particular sign of stopping any time soon. I live in the middle of town and because Dundee is right on the river Tay and not more than a stones throw from the North Sea the city center doesn't usually get much snow and when we do it doesn't lie for long. Not this time I tell you! We've got about 3 inches so far so goodness knows what it's like out in the sticks. There was lightning last night too. Lightning and the same time! This may not strike anyone else as strange or unusual but it's not a combination I'd ever thought of. I can tell you being woken up from sleep at 5am with lighting going off like canons is not a good way to start a Sunday morning. I expected the rain to be pelting down so imagine my surprise to look outside and see the snow still going strong and the place looking particularly Lapland like.

Aside from all this I'm now pondering the trip to work tomorrow. The local buses were taken off as were the taxis so if that hasn't changed by morning then it's a treck through the snow for me. I wonder if I have any tennis rackets I can tie to my feet to help my journey. Taking the buses off confuses me somewhat, the roads will only get worse with less traffic on them to keep them clear. But I have heard from friends that the motorways around the city have been closed so like I thought, out of the center has it bad. 

Wish me luck for my trip tomorrow, mostly can you please wish that I get a call saying work is closed and not to come in. That would be ace!