Sunday, 30 September 2007


In the DCA at the moment there is a display of work completed by my class, all of the pieces are made of recycled jewellery. The work will be there until the 16th of October so have a wander along if you have a free minute.

The project was to help Fe with her dissertation, and the results are quite impressive. She asked members of the public to hand in old jewellery that they no longer wore and we had one week to make what we could, to see if old "rubbish" could be made into nice wearble pieces without using [too much] new material.

So if you have any time, go down, have a look, and let me know what you think.

Hope the rest of your weekend is a good one


Monday, 10 September 2007

Clock watching.


It is now just past 2 o'clock on Monday afternoon and the workman has finally arrived. I could be wrong but I did not think mid-afternoon counted as "first thing". However, I will shortly have a handle and lock on my bathroom door so all is well.

I matriculated today, I think the lady in the office lied to me. She said I had to use a university networked computer, however, after looking online from home I was able to matriculate just fine[I think... I hope].

So just a quick note to say good luck to all the newly matriculated first years and I hope they enjoy their time here. Welcome to DoJ Josh!

[update : the new lock doesn't seem to actually lock {very stiff} but at least I have a handle, Rece {sp?} said he would be back later in the week to see if it had slackened and was working better. I assume that means I'll see him sometime in the new year]

Happy days to all.


Saturday, 8 September 2007


A quick note to say that the workman came today, rejoice!

However, he didn't have the right type of handle with him to replace the old one so he has to come back on Monday [sigh]. He also said he had only been told I needed him to come fix something while he was riding a roller coaster for 10 hours yesterday [despite me reporting it on Monday] to raise money for charity.

BUT at least I now know when it's being fixed, and he was raising money for charity so it's all good.

Rejoice once more!


Happy weekend everyone. x


Good day everyone,

Well after saying yesterday that Dundee was happily settling into more pleasant Autumn weather it was like the sun was suddenly turned up by a thousand degrees today, I thought I was going to melt, was not a nice feeling I assure you. So from now on I will try to not make any assumptions on British weather as it [as we all know] is highly tempremental.

Still no sign of anyone coming to fix the bathroom door so it won't be until at least Monday now. Oh well.

I moved into my 4th year desk today so I'm all set for when the semester begins. I say move in, I actually just dumped all my junk on the desk so no one else can claim it (there is a distinct lack of desks in the 4th year studio, I very much doubt everyone will fit in). So the first job for the new year will be tidying up and making it a space I'm able to work in.

The picture above is from the Glow festival in Newcastle last December.

"David Bryant brings the festival colour of magenta pink
and original programming to a broad range of signature
buildings, spread around the main route: sometimes
highlighting small and hidden elements, at other
moments emphasising monumental panoramas. Light is
used to bring continuity to both the festival route and
the diversity of architectural styles which give
NewcastleGateshead its unique character, locations
including BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, The Sage
Gateshead and the Swing Bridge."

The whole thing was very good, except for the never ending and torrential rain, we were soaked to the skin within 5 minutes. One of the more peculiar instalations was by the Glasgow based partnership of Stephanie Smith and Edward Stewart. At 19 Dean Street they installed lighting inside the empty building that faded between full brightness and total darkness (sadly though not in magenta) which faded in sync with the sound of breathing. While spectacular to see it was also quite eerie. If the festival was to be repeated I would be sure to go again, but hope againts hope that the weather was better.

Hope everyone has a jolly weekend.


Thursday, 6 September 2007

Amazing O'clock

Happy Thursday everybody,

I've been stuck in my flat for the 3rd day in a row now. The repair man has still not arrived. You see, the bathroom lock broke at a party I had last Thursday and we had to remove the whole handle to get poor Laura out. So I reported the damage on Monday when I was paying my rent and the person that was manning the desk said someone would be round on Tuesday but lo' and behold, no one has yet appeared. I called him at lunch time and he said someone would be here today. Sigh. To be fair to him though, I had little faith that the boy behind the desk in the landlords office would report the damage to the repair man so he wouldn't know to come, I really should have called on Tuesday afternoon to be sure he was on his way round. My fault really.

I really am in the mood to knit at the moment but all my needles and yarn are still at my mums, I think I shall have to go fetch them soon. I find knitting to be more enjoyable in Autumn and Winter anyway, I find it very comforting. I think we are getting ready to settle into Autumn here in Dundee, the mornings and evenings are more crisp and the light seems softer. So long to the (in theory) sticky uncomfortable days of Summer and welcome back to the home made soup and warm blankets.

I think I'll go call my landlord again to see if I'm any closer to having a lock on the bathroom door, I guess it's not so important right now because I'm here on my own for another week yet, until my flatmate gets back from her 4 months in France, but still it would be nice if everything was working.

Farewell for now


Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Long time no speak.

Greetings to all!

I hope everyone is well. My my my, it has been a long time but things seem to be under conrtol again so I think it best to get this thing up and running again. 4th yeart starts on the 17th, and I've been assured by a friend that I will die of stress by Christmas, I really hope this is not the case.

The picture above is of my first designs towards 4th year, these aren't very well made and are just maquettes in aluminiun and paper but the real thing will be Silver and Lazertran, once I can source the Lazertran of course. They will hopefully be Brooches and Charms and I already have some interest from people in buying them. Fabulous!

I have been working on other designs, they are locketts in small house shapes that will be photo etched and enamelled but they are more difficult to make so I'm still working out the kinks, I will be sure to take some photos soon, once I have something worth taking a photo of that is.

Anyhoo, farewell for now and I hope everyone has a nice day.

Hollie x