Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Evening all,

Here are the results of the exhibition I took part in that was held in Edinburgh over the weekend, apparently a very successful evening all round. I' unfortunately wasn't able to go because of work :( oh well, maybe next time.

Also, the sale in the university is going well for everyone involved. I've sold a few pieces (hoorah), I just need to go make them now.

Farewell for now kiddies, I'm sleepy and it's far past bed time.

Speak to you all soon. x

Friday, 7 December 2007

Ear rings

Evening folks,

From Monday there will be a Christmas Jewellery sale held in the reception area of Duncan of Jordanstone stocked with pieces made by my class. The top image is of a couple of ear rings that I made tonight to put in the sale, silver and garnet beads. The bottom two pictures are a Christmas gift for a friends mum (modeled on my ear [1st is a practice one, 2nd is a bigger real thing]), silver and a fresh water pearl. I hope she likes them! [Note : sorry for the poor quality photos but it's the best my phone can manage... poor little thing]

Also on Monday we have a visit from our external assessor who happens to be Jack Cunningham. We have to lay our work out for him to have a nose around and I realised this evening as I put things out how little I have done this semester. But fear not! The Christmas holidays are coming up and this is a perfect time to fill up my near empty sketchbooks.

Have a good evening x

Thursday, 6 December 2007


is handed in


Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Festive cheer to you all!

These 3 prints will be on show in Edinburgh as of Saturday the 8th of December at Cafe des Arts 95 - 97 St. Leonards Street. How very exciting!

I'm very tired so there is not a lot to be said at the moment but here is my entry to a very important (so I'm told) competition that is being held in Italy. Enjoy!

Cheerio x