Saturday, 29 March 2008

Time flies when you're having fun

A little reminder to all in the UK that the clocks go forward an hour on Sunday. One less hour in bed for us all...

or if you're like me, one less hour being up and about during the day. Nothing gets between me and my sleep I tell thee!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Double dip...

So everyone knows that double dipping a chip (crisps in English) is a cardinal sin at a party BUT double dipping a cup cake... there is a genius thought!

This is how I spent my evening, making these lovely little chocolate cup cakes. A little time doing anything that isn't jewellery related is what keeps me sane these days. Made with a chocolate ganache topping rather than icing they are a little bite of heaven. To get the thickness just right the recipe suggests you dip the cakes into the topping rather than spooning it on then dipping it again once the first layer has semi set. This gives you a lovely perfectly smooth glossy topping and at just the right thickness. There is nothing worse than over icing a cake. Then a little sprinkling of hundreds and thousands finishes them off nicely.

I've promised a couple of the girls I will take these in for our daily 3.30 coffee break and it gives them a little trial run before my turn at cake day which is 2 weeks on Friday. I've never made these before but they came out perfectly and are very simple, I'm sure this will become a favourite recipe of mine. I really believe in trying any new recipe out before it makes it's first big outing in case it all goes horribly wrong... plus it's another excuse for cake... like I really need one!

Also, before I forget, we are always offering Roger (the head of department) a cake on Fridays and as far as I know he has never taken one. Today however, in he came to the studio and presented us with his baking. He got up early just to make flap jacks and some other sort of bake to bring in for us because we are always trying to include him. I missed out because I turned up a little late today (10.30am, shock-horror!) and headed straight for the computers to get my postcard just right before the files get sent of for printing, but from what I hear his offerings were excellent. Lets hope he brings in more soon :)

Happy baking everyone x

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Greetings

After my last post commenting on how Spring was almost upon us, I feel I have to retract said comment. Only yesterday we had wind, rain and snow... not Spring like weather in any ones opinion I think you will agree.

This weather is probably for the best though, when it is nice outside I don't want to be locked up inside all day so I often wander off, and this is no way to get any work done. With only 5 weeks left I need to be in the workshop as much as possible!

Unfortunately, the department has run out of photo-etching film and all of my work has to be etched before I can do anything else. This in turn means there is a definite limit to what I can do to fill in the time until the delivery arrives. So rather than working this weekend I have decided to take the weekend off and then power on when the new week arrives. Jobs at hand will most likely be preparing metal and findings until I can etch then assemble pieces and trying to get on with more sketchbook work. The delivery is due around the end of the week at best so quite a few people who are relying on it are a tad worried about the loss of so much time, but as always I'm sure we will find a way though and everything will work out well in the end. There is no point in worrying over unfortunate events, it is best to just work with what you have :)

In the week coming we will also be sending off files to the company we use to print our post cards for the Degree Show and New Designers. The image above is the one I have chosen to use, simple yet effective. I think I will be pleased with the results.

On a more Easter like note : I found this website after reading an article written about this gentleman's company in one of the newspapers during the week. His creations sound highly yummy and I think a visit will be in order during New Designers. Luckily, his store is in the genral area of the center where the show is. Not so luckily, I might spend an awful lot of money there on gifts and treats for friends and family and as greatful as they will be, my purse is not likely to be so greatful.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and shall hear from you soon no doubt x

Monday, 17 March 2008


It looks like Spring is not far off these days, but there is still a cold chill to the wind at times that suggests that Winter will be here a little while longer. Anyhoo, the little bit of Winter we have left gives us time to consider what will be needing done at the allotment and planning for the year ahead. Last year was not very successful, with it being so wet and often having cold snaps a lot of veg was lost and because it was our first full year there the ground is still in a fairly poor condition. These things take time, and if we only have one thing, time is it. I'm sure there will be many posts and photos in the summer time with the allotment as the centre piece.

Today was spent in the workshop, working on samples and sketchbooks, a few more designs were decided upon so will be placed into action over the coming days. On a positive note, everyone seems to have found their second wind. It seemed a lot of folk were becoming tired and were beginning to wear down but today felt optimistic and everyone was in good spirits, long may the good times and feelings last. It makes things much easier when you are in the right mood. Less melting of metal and loss of temper to be found in a high spirited workshop I think you would all agree :)

I hope you all had a good day and the week serves you well,

See you all soon x

Sunday, 16 March 2008


Today was a very nice and easy Sunday thanks to Iain, Scott and Graeme.

Off we trotted to the car boot sale at Errol and oh the things we found! Two of my buys can be seen above, all six of these lovely coloured glass bowls cost me the grand total of £1, four pink and two purple, and these lovely little salt and pepper shakers were only £2 so I was very pleased with myself to say the least. There was no end to the amount of things I wanted to get but I was very good at restraining myself. I also bought some fabric for working with in the workshop and I'm sure the results will be up here for you to see in no time at all. The boys got themselves some nice little bits and pieces as well but Graeme really has to be commended for his haggling skills, I don't think he paid the asking price for a single thing :D !

I think I will have to sweet talk them into return visits soon... for I am not able to transport myself there other than by foot or bus and I have no idea if a bus even goes there to begin with. *note to self - must find out*

Iain (another one) is kindly helping me make a website... I say helping, he's doing everything, I haven't a clue what I'm doing at all. The address is and both lead to the same place, which is currently this blog until the site is up and running. More about that as things come along but just a quick mention to say thank you to Iain for being so nice and for putting up with my total lack of knowledge on the computer front :)

And last, and indeed least, a farewell to Asda. As some of you may know I have worked there for 3 and a half years but I have been offered a job in another shop, a lovely one this time. As of May I will be working in Lush in the Overgate Centre in Dundee so I bid farewell to Asda for the last time on Saturday night and will take the next few weeks to finish my course and then start my new job... bills need to be paid somehow, I'm sure you're all aware of this yourselves. So a happy evening it was and I can safely say that while some of the people will be missed, the job and shop definitely will not be.

Hope you all had an excellent weekend too and see you all soon x

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


It's all systems go just now, and for all the time I spend in the workshop not much seems to be happening... I'm sure it will all come together nicely soon. we're taking photographs for our post cards this week, not too sure how I want mine to look or even what piece I want in it yet. Best be off to get my thinking cap on.

Just a quick one to say hi tonight, hope you're all well :)

Friday, 7 March 2008