Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Holiday Wishes

Hmmmm, what to say? what...... to........... say?

Not very much if I'm perfectly honest. Currently I'm living on £3.29 till loan day, innit grand being a student? I've just been hopping along as usual, getting my work done, doing sketchbooks, thinking about my dissertation, should really start doing that and stop thinking about it....... moving on swiftly I think :D

I was in Barcelona for a week at the start of the year, I loved it there and I'd really like to go back some time later this year if finances allow.

I'm relly just rambling tonight, I will think of something interesting (ish) to say in the next few days.

Hope everyone is well and had a good bank holiday weekend. x

1 comment:

Gregor said...

I demand to see the above building - take me! heh

If finances don't allow, we can always go somewhere just as exotic.. Tentsmuir?