Friday, 7 December 2007

Ear rings

Evening folks,

From Monday there will be a Christmas Jewellery sale held in the reception area of Duncan of Jordanstone stocked with pieces made by my class. The top image is of a couple of ear rings that I made tonight to put in the sale, silver and garnet beads. The bottom two pictures are a Christmas gift for a friends mum (modeled on my ear [1st is a practice one, 2nd is a bigger real thing]), silver and a fresh water pearl. I hope she likes them! [Note : sorry for the poor quality photos but it's the best my phone can manage... poor little thing]

Also on Monday we have a visit from our external assessor who happens to be Jack Cunningham. We have to lay our work out for him to have a nose around and I realised this evening as I put things out how little I have done this semester. But fear not! The Christmas holidays are coming up and this is a perfect time to fill up my near empty sketchbooks.

Have a good evening x


Grogipher said...

A bleev u has ma ear rings.

Ma ear rings.
I bleev u has them.

Prettyful so they are xx

alan bruse said...

Hi Hollie,
Thanks for the reply, I came across your blog from simply looking through the blogs, some of them are really stupid but yours was great and your also an artist. Thanks also for checking out my site, I hope you find some influence from the work there. Ive been surfing the last couple of days down the coast its been good, summer here and the water is a lot warmer. Next year im teaching a painting class and looking forward to it. Hope to here from you again, cheers Alan.