Sunday, 20 January 2008


So... I have a big review on Thursday and I have to have final designs to show to my tutors and have to discuss with them my plans for my degree work, how I plan to make things, materials I'll use, how I plan to display. They want to know everything. Up until this week, that wouldn't have been any great problem... but now... well, now I'm not too sure.

Originally I had intended to make jewellery, my work seemed to be mostly coming out as ideas for pendants, but last week when we went back after the Christmas holiday I suddenly had the urge to make objects.

I still want to make my work in silver but I want to make the things I was designing, like the bird pendants I've posted pictures of before, much larger. I want them to either be vessels or just as decorative objects, or both. I had a quick word with Roger about it and he didn't seems sure, he seemed to be pushing me back down the jewellery route. I also spoke to Teena and she was happy with working big but she was pushing me into different styles of working that I'm not really liking the idea of.

So, my problem is, do I stick to the jewellery that I know they are happier about or go with the big work, propose it, have them unlikley to agree with idea and go for it anyway?


As I said to Iain,

"All I want to do is make big silver balls, what's so hard about that?"


Grogipher said...

I think I can safely say "Ignore Teena, she's a fucking freak".. Hehe. This is the woman who was quite content with picking up a root and attaching it to someone's breastbone - we must never forget this fact.

Roger'll obviously be trying to push you down the jewellery route, partly because the folk above him will be, to tick whatever boxes for the course, but partly because it'll probably be easier to get started that way, when you go off to whatever fayres and crap, you obviously want to stand out, but you still want to atually sell stuff...

But then, I'm obviously looking at the politics of the situation, not the design aspect hehehee

If you want to make balls my dear, you go for it!

Iain McGuinness said...

What Gregor said, basically. He's a smart man, what, with his analysis of the situation. Strangely, for a politician, he appears to be telling the truth!