Saturday, 4 December 2010

Coming to you from the state of New Siberia.

While the weather has been terrible I have moved back to my mums house because it's warmer than my own. We ventured outside today and went to my grandads house on the outskirts of the city just to check everything was ok. It was thankfully and I got some lovely photographs of the house and garden, two of which can be seen above. Luckily he has recently had the guttering checked so there were no icicles or worry of burst pipes but some of the other houses near him couldn't claim the same. We also went to my flat to make sure everything there was ok. The building has police tape outside because some guttering has come down along with some roof slates so hopefully the landlord is dealing with that. Inside the flat was all fine though so that is good news. Not long after that I had to go home, one of my feet was so cold I couldn't tell if it was wet inside of my welly boot or not. By the time I got back to mums house the sole of my foot and two of my toes were completely numb and took a good long time and a hot water bottle before they were back to normal. I hope everyone is faring well no matter how the weather is where you are.

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