Tuesday, 27 March 2007

500 Pendants.

Well hello, I thought it about time I got one of these things going. After all they seem to be the way of the future and Sandra, one of the tutors here in Dundee who is very keen on the idea of everyone having a blog of their own, has never lead us astray before.

So what is there to say?


Today I found out about a competition to have a pendant published in a book by Lark Books as part of their 500 series. Well worth some consideration I'd say, not only are the other books on jewellery in the series beautiful and always full of inspiration but if any pieces were published it would be some welcome advertising and recognition from peers.
However, its near the end of term here in Dundee so course work has to be considered first but it's deffinatly something to think about.

A few other people in my class have blogs so I will try to find them and add links to them on here, aside from that there isn't much to be said at the moment.

Have a nice day.

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Gregor said...

Your first comment.. WOO!!!

I shall subscribe at once :-)