Saturday, 31 March 2007

Rockin' out in the workshop.

Evening all (assuming there is anyone out there of course)

I don't really have much to say today but thought I'd pop up a few lines anyway.

Well it is now the Easter Holiday at DoJ (Duncan of Jordanstone) and I don't know of anyone who is actually taking the time off, everyone has far to much to do. Saying that, 4 weeks till final hand in, I think everything is under control. I hope!

This semester has been a strange one, lots of interdisciplinary projects, theory work and written things to get done so I've personally not settled into the designing and making side as much as I'd have liked to or expected to. Today however I got down to it and decided to make a brooch, just for the sake of making something and in the hope that the design side of things would all flow back into place after some hands on in the workshop. I was the last one there tonight so was in charge of the gas supply being turned off, Roger [Morris] the head of department kindly reminded me before he left that if the place goes up in flames over the weekend it will be my fault. Nothing like some pressure for you! Making the brooch was a case of killing two birds with one stone, not only did it get me some time in the workshop but I decided to make something I can give to my mum because she is forever harping on about me making something for her. Something I find a lot of art students have a similar experience of with their own parents. I'll be sure to pop a picture up when it's all done, should be early next week :)

Also, because I was the last one in the workshop I had the radio up full blast and was dancing around quite a bit, I do hope there is no CCTV in there ;p

Have a good weekend everyone x


Gary said...

Note to self: hide camera in workshop.

Hollie said...

note to gary: wouldn't risk it if I were you, could gain a nasty injury

Gary said...

Addendum to original note: wear groin protection.