Sunday, 25 November 2007


Greetings all,

Today has been a bake-a-thon. First I made a (very very) belated birthday cake for Brian. Eleanor, him and I will be having some with a drink of "tea" (read alcohol but keep it a secret) tomorrow night after work. I also made truffles (not pictured), individual cherry cakes and ginger and chocolate chip bread to take into the girls in uni. It was my turn at cake day but I didn't know this so this is also a bit belated. Cake days are Fridays, so not too bad.

If anyone wants to make any of these lovely things you can find the how to's here

Chocolate fudge cake
Cherry cakes
*this recipe is pants, I'll find a better one and post it soon*
Ginger and chocolate chip bread
(for the ginger bread I added half of the chocolate chips in and sprinkled half over the top of the mix before baking and didn't add any icing, also good to know it is still liquid when you put it in the tray so you really do need that baking paper) *this recipe is amazing, everyone loves it*

happy baking everyone x

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