Monday, 10 September 2007

Clock watching.


It is now just past 2 o'clock on Monday afternoon and the workman has finally arrived. I could be wrong but I did not think mid-afternoon counted as "first thing". However, I will shortly have a handle and lock on my bathroom door so all is well.

I matriculated today, I think the lady in the office lied to me. She said I had to use a university networked computer, however, after looking online from home I was able to matriculate just fine[I think... I hope].

So just a quick note to say good luck to all the newly matriculated first years and I hope they enjoy their time here. Welcome to DoJ Josh!

[update : the new lock doesn't seem to actually lock {very stiff} but at least I have a handle, Rece {sp?} said he would be back later in the week to see if it had slackened and was working better. I assume that means I'll see him sometime in the new year]

Happy days to all.


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