Saturday, 8 September 2007


Good day everyone,

Well after saying yesterday that Dundee was happily settling into more pleasant Autumn weather it was like the sun was suddenly turned up by a thousand degrees today, I thought I was going to melt, was not a nice feeling I assure you. So from now on I will try to not make any assumptions on British weather as it [as we all know] is highly tempremental.

Still no sign of anyone coming to fix the bathroom door so it won't be until at least Monday now. Oh well.

I moved into my 4th year desk today so I'm all set for when the semester begins. I say move in, I actually just dumped all my junk on the desk so no one else can claim it (there is a distinct lack of desks in the 4th year studio, I very much doubt everyone will fit in). So the first job for the new year will be tidying up and making it a space I'm able to work in.

The picture above is from the Glow festival in Newcastle last December.

"David Bryant brings the festival colour of magenta pink
and original programming to a broad range of signature
buildings, spread around the main route: sometimes
highlighting small and hidden elements, at other
moments emphasising monumental panoramas. Light is
used to bring continuity to both the festival route and
the diversity of architectural styles which give
NewcastleGateshead its unique character, locations
including BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, The Sage
Gateshead and the Swing Bridge."

The whole thing was very good, except for the never ending and torrential rain, we were soaked to the skin within 5 minutes. One of the more peculiar instalations was by the Glasgow based partnership of Stephanie Smith and Edward Stewart. At 19 Dean Street they installed lighting inside the empty building that faded between full brightness and total darkness (sadly though not in magenta) which faded in sync with the sound of breathing. While spectacular to see it was also quite eerie. If the festival was to be repeated I would be sure to go again, but hope againts hope that the weather was better.

Hope everyone has a jolly weekend.


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