Thursday, 6 September 2007

Amazing O'clock

Happy Thursday everybody,

I've been stuck in my flat for the 3rd day in a row now. The repair man has still not arrived. You see, the bathroom lock broke at a party I had last Thursday and we had to remove the whole handle to get poor Laura out. So I reported the damage on Monday when I was paying my rent and the person that was manning the desk said someone would be round on Tuesday but lo' and behold, no one has yet appeared. I called him at lunch time and he said someone would be here today. Sigh. To be fair to him though, I had little faith that the boy behind the desk in the landlords office would report the damage to the repair man so he wouldn't know to come, I really should have called on Tuesday afternoon to be sure he was on his way round. My fault really.

I really am in the mood to knit at the moment but all my needles and yarn are still at my mums, I think I shall have to go fetch them soon. I find knitting to be more enjoyable in Autumn and Winter anyway, I find it very comforting. I think we are getting ready to settle into Autumn here in Dundee, the mornings and evenings are more crisp and the light seems softer. So long to the (in theory) sticky uncomfortable days of Summer and welcome back to the home made soup and warm blankets.

I think I'll go call my landlord again to see if I'm any closer to having a lock on the bathroom door, I guess it's not so important right now because I'm here on my own for another week yet, until my flatmate gets back from her 4 months in France, but still it would be nice if everything was working.

Farewell for now



Iain McGuinness said...

I hope it's all sorted out by the end of the day. Gosh, landlords and tradespeople can be so unreliable.

Gregor said...

Do I still have a load of knitting needles for you? I think I do, I'll drop them off sometime, with some cactuses? x