Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Back of Beyond

A day trip to Dunkeld is in order, have you ever been? I've not, neither has Andy. No doubt we'll get lost. I have to drop of a piece I sold at the degree show, sometime on Tuesday I think. Random tours of Scotland A-hoy.

I'm feeling quite guilty, I haven't been in the workshop for about 3 weeks now...maybe more, time seems to be flying these days. So tomorrow I am going and I am making. Not really sure what at the moment, I'm thinking maybe some rings. It's strange now to think I can make what I like when I like and not a brief or a deadline in sight, unless you're counting commissions of course. It's a hard change to get to grips with, so easy to just do nothing. Lots of self motivation is needed so I shall pop off and practise talking myself into working hard before tomorrow rolls on in.

Speak to you all soon.

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