Thursday, 5 June 2008

Midas Touch

This is my new toy, or it will be once it's delivered. As you may have noticed a lot of my work involves gold plating, and seeing as I have now graduated I felt I needed to find a way to still get this done. So it was either find a company to do it for me or get some equipment of my own. Guess which choice won. This little thingy isn't like any plater I've used before though, so I will need some time to work it out but hopefully it'll go well.

The plating machine in the university is like a bath, the whole piece gets submerged in the solution, and because I only wanted to plate specific areas this meant I had to play around a lot with lacquer to block out the areas I wanted to keep silver. This nifty little thing though, is a pen plater (ooooh, aaaah) which, theoretically, you turn on (its attached to a power supply as you may have noticed) dunk in some solution and draw the plating on where you want it. If that doesn't sound like fun I don't know what does! So hopefully that will work and all will be well.

I never did make a decision about the packaging logo that I mentioned yesterday so that job has been pushed back, I don't think there is a big rush at the moment so I think I will take my time to decide. I did however sort out everything to do with my hallmark so the final order form gets sent off tomorrow then I'm all set as far as that is concerned. I also did the most boring job on my list and cleared out my room of all the random junk I have so I can move over the next couple of weeks to my new flat. I couldn't believe how much stuff I have managed to accumulate over the past year. I've decided to give most of it to the charity shop around the corner from the flat I'm in now and then the rest to the recycling bank and the last dribs and drabs in the bin.

Making a list of jobs is definitely the way forward, I've never been a big fan of lists but with so many things to do just now it's helping me keep on track. So I shall be off for now to write yet another list.

Hope you're all setting up for a good weekend. x


Iain McGuinness said...

Ah, this is like electrolysis, innit? I know about this. High school Chemistry has finally come into some use!

Donna MacKay said...

wow hollie! what a beast! im a bit jealous! was it tres expensive? how you getting on noodle? xxxx.X