Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Busy Bee

Well another productive week under way, as soon as I think I have everything done I remember something else. Mostly it seems to involve me phone some company or other so I never have much to show at the end of the day, and by the next day there is yet another list of calls to be made. Today I tried to sort out ordering my hallmark punch, I've managed to order the mark I want, I just need the punch made. However, the lady I was speaking to wasn't too sure which size I should go for (punch sizes range from 0.5mm - 6mm) because my work is jewellery and silverware. She thinks I could maybe end up needing 2 separate ones made, the same mark but different sizes. To cut a long boring story short I'm expecting a phone call tomorrow from a man who knows what to do. More time for me to have my phone attached to my head. I should maybe get one of these...

I could definitely rock that look.

My job for tomorrow is sending off the image at the top of the page to a company you can order packaging from, they emboss logos or whatever you like onto said packaging. I haven't really decided if I like it or not, tonight job is to make a final decision as well as general cleaning of my flat. I also have to go through my copious amounts of junk and decide what I will take with me to my new flat, what can go to charity and what is total rubbish. Exciting times I'm sure you'll agree.

Finally, I have managed to sort out a bench share here in Dundee, for the time being I will keep using the university workshop but come September, when term starts, I will move out and to a new space. Now those are exciting times.

Hope you're all enjoying the fab weather, see you soon.

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