Friday, 8 August 2008

Deliveries result in tales of my general existance.

I am waiting for a delivery today, one of those "it'll be there between 8am and 6pm" affairs. So I have been up since the crack of dawn just incase. No doubt it won't arrive until about 5.45 at best. This means you can expect regular updates and wittering today on my part as the boredom really begins to set in.

I have to admit though that I have been very productive already, for I did battle with a mighty foe.

When I went to bed last night there was a monstrously huge daddy long legs kicking about in the living room, I went to bed and hoped against hope it would find its way to and out of the window overnight. No luck! So for the first 10 minutes I tried ignoring it but all the while having one eye firmly on it incase it sprang into action and attacked. Just because it has never happened before doesn't mean it can't happen now. After I had wound myself up to being near convinced I could see the beasts blood dripping fangs I decided action must be taken. It was cunning and had chosen a spot up at the ceiling, which is very high up in these old flats so out came the no great effect. Note to self : soft bristle brooms do nothing but upset them. This resulted in much flapping about on my and my visitors part so the broom went away and out came the hoover.

Don't get me wrong, I don't freak out over any old bug. Mostly I am completely indifferent to them. These things on the other hand put the fear of god in me.

So out was the hoover and to be honest I wasn't hoping for the best because it really was struggling to reach and the suction is not amazing. So I did try, and as predicted it only upset the poor thing. I'm guessing by this point it no more appreciated me than I appreciated it. So it was wise and off out the window it finally went. A non exciting finish to this gripping tale but I must say and satisfactory end non the less.

Until later, once I have exhausted the Sunday supplements I expect, enjoy your day and wish me luck.

Update 1 : Is anyone else scared to do anything beyond sitting and breathing just incase you miss the door bell going while you are waiting on something arriving? Plus the longer you wait the less likely you are to move because said delivery is ever more imminent and you down right refuse to have to miss it.

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Iain McGuinness said...

Having just waited in for a few hours for a combi. boiler engineer to visit, I know exactly what you mean. He was a nice chap, though. Tradesmen aren't always that friendly.

I've blogged again, BTW. When are you going to blog again? We want a blog!