Saturday, 16 August 2008

Productive week


This week I have spoken to:

1) A gallery about possibly showing work,
2) Two speciality stores in Dundee about socking pieces.

This is resulting in me being productive once more after a month of bumming around. It really was getting boring but you know it's tough once you get in a rut.

So expect posting to return to normal some time in the next week as I come up with new things...finally. Which in turn should result in a makeover for my online store with new work. Hoorah.

On an entirely unrelated topic, for some reason my flat smells of roast chicken dinner. I'm sure you all agree it's one of the best smells known to man but I'm not aware of one ever being cooked here... maybe it's the neighbours?


I have been invited to take part in another Exhibition, this time in Crieff. Also, the flat no longer smells of chicken.


Donna MacKay said...

heya love!
long time no hear from my hollie boooo :(
are you exhibiting at the strathearn gallery? xxxxxxxxx.X

Lisa J. Murphy said...

Hey! How does it feel being out in the big bad world? You all doing okay? Scary stuff!

Lisa x