Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Double dip...

So everyone knows that double dipping a chip (crisps in English) is a cardinal sin at a party BUT double dipping a cup cake... there is a genius thought!

This is how I spent my evening, making these lovely little chocolate cup cakes. A little time doing anything that isn't jewellery related is what keeps me sane these days. Made with a chocolate ganache topping rather than icing they are a little bite of heaven. To get the thickness just right the recipe suggests you dip the cakes into the topping rather than spooning it on then dipping it again once the first layer has semi set. This gives you a lovely perfectly smooth glossy topping and at just the right thickness. There is nothing worse than over icing a cake. Then a little sprinkling of hundreds and thousands finishes them off nicely.

I've promised a couple of the girls I will take these in for our daily 3.30 coffee break and it gives them a little trial run before my turn at cake day which is 2 weeks on Friday. I've never made these before but they came out perfectly and are very simple, I'm sure this will become a favourite recipe of mine. I really believe in trying any new recipe out before it makes it's first big outing in case it all goes horribly wrong... plus it's another excuse for cake... like I really need one!

Also, before I forget, we are always offering Roger (the head of department) a cake on Fridays and as far as I know he has never taken one. Today however, in he came to the studio and presented us with his baking. He got up early just to make flap jacks and some other sort of bake to bring in for us because we are always trying to include him. I missed out because I turned up a little late today (10.30am, shock-horror!) and headed straight for the computers to get my postcard just right before the files get sent of for printing, but from what I hear his offerings were excellent. Lets hope he brings in more soon :)

Happy baking everyone x


Anna Hegarty said...

Hey Hollie :)

Iv added your link to my blog, so you could add me to yours if you like? Its www.annahegarty.blogspot.com

Bye x

Fe Louise Coull said...

My oh my Hollie Fyffe!

You kept your wonderful little cakes secret from my stomach :) They look wonderful. Glad to see your doing jewellery avoiding also by baking cakes, so theraputic!

Yum xxx