Sunday, 16 March 2008


Today was a very nice and easy Sunday thanks to Iain, Scott and Graeme.

Off we trotted to the car boot sale at Errol and oh the things we found! Two of my buys can be seen above, all six of these lovely coloured glass bowls cost me the grand total of £1, four pink and two purple, and these lovely little salt and pepper shakers were only £2 so I was very pleased with myself to say the least. There was no end to the amount of things I wanted to get but I was very good at restraining myself. I also bought some fabric for working with in the workshop and I'm sure the results will be up here for you to see in no time at all. The boys got themselves some nice little bits and pieces as well but Graeme really has to be commended for his haggling skills, I don't think he paid the asking price for a single thing :D !

I think I will have to sweet talk them into return visits soon... for I am not able to transport myself there other than by foot or bus and I have no idea if a bus even goes there to begin with. *note to self - must find out*

Iain (another one) is kindly helping me make a website... I say helping, he's doing everything, I haven't a clue what I'm doing at all. The address is and both lead to the same place, which is currently this blog until the site is up and running. More about that as things come along but just a quick mention to say thank you to Iain for being so nice and for putting up with my total lack of knowledge on the computer front :)

And last, and indeed least, a farewell to Asda. As some of you may know I have worked there for 3 and a half years but I have been offered a job in another shop, a lovely one this time. As of May I will be working in Lush in the Overgate Centre in Dundee so I bid farewell to Asda for the last time on Saturday night and will take the next few weeks to finish my course and then start my new job... bills need to be paid somehow, I'm sure you're all aware of this yourselves. So a happy evening it was and I can safely say that while some of the people will be missed, the job and shop definitely will not be.

Hope you all had an excellent weekend too and see you all soon x


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job my dear! You're going to smell amazing all the time! Thanks for linking me up, I'm so clueless on how to make contacts etc through blogging! Love the glasses by the way, what a bargain! x

a little place for little ramblings that need a little place to live. said...

lush instead of asda? good choice hollie, haha. but awesome indeed, i'm sure it'll be swell.

your finds are awesome too, i love finding random little gorgeous things, especially when they are cheap!