Monday, 17 March 2008


It looks like Spring is not far off these days, but there is still a cold chill to the wind at times that suggests that Winter will be here a little while longer. Anyhoo, the little bit of Winter we have left gives us time to consider what will be needing done at the allotment and planning for the year ahead. Last year was not very successful, with it being so wet and often having cold snaps a lot of veg was lost and because it was our first full year there the ground is still in a fairly poor condition. These things take time, and if we only have one thing, time is it. I'm sure there will be many posts and photos in the summer time with the allotment as the centre piece.

Today was spent in the workshop, working on samples and sketchbooks, a few more designs were decided upon so will be placed into action over the coming days. On a positive note, everyone seems to have found their second wind. It seemed a lot of folk were becoming tired and were beginning to wear down but today felt optimistic and everyone was in good spirits, long may the good times and feelings last. It makes things much easier when you are in the right mood. Less melting of metal and loss of temper to be found in a high spirited workshop I think you would all agree :)

I hope you all had a good day and the week serves you well,

See you all soon x

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Lisa J. Murphy said...

Spring?! After the snow/wind/rain/sun/no wind/snow today I don't think it can decided what season to be! Hehe. Thats Scotland for you!

Lisa x