Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Greetings

After my last post commenting on how Spring was almost upon us, I feel I have to retract said comment. Only yesterday we had wind, rain and snow... not Spring like weather in any ones opinion I think you will agree.

This weather is probably for the best though, when it is nice outside I don't want to be locked up inside all day so I often wander off, and this is no way to get any work done. With only 5 weeks left I need to be in the workshop as much as possible!

Unfortunately, the department has run out of photo-etching film and all of my work has to be etched before I can do anything else. This in turn means there is a definite limit to what I can do to fill in the time until the delivery arrives. So rather than working this weekend I have decided to take the weekend off and then power on when the new week arrives. Jobs at hand will most likely be preparing metal and findings until I can etch then assemble pieces and trying to get on with more sketchbook work. The delivery is due around the end of the week at best so quite a few people who are relying on it are a tad worried about the loss of so much time, but as always I'm sure we will find a way though and everything will work out well in the end. There is no point in worrying over unfortunate events, it is best to just work with what you have :)

In the week coming we will also be sending off files to the company we use to print our post cards for the Degree Show and New Designers. The image above is the one I have chosen to use, simple yet effective. I think I will be pleased with the results.

On a more Easter like note : I found this website after reading an article written about this gentleman's company in one of the newspapers during the week. His creations sound highly yummy and I think a visit will be in order during New Designers. Luckily, his store is in the genral area of the center where the show is. Not so luckily, I might spend an awful lot of money there on gifts and treats for friends and family and as greatful as they will be, my purse is not likely to be so greatful.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and shall hear from you soon no doubt x


a little place for little ramblings that need a little place to live. said...

lovely postcard!

Iain McGuinness said...
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Robyn Christina said...

Salut! That's a beautiful image Hollie, looks very professional indeed :) I can't wait to see everyones work at the degree show, 'tis all so exciting! Had a look at that website and I concur that going into that shop would be very dangerous, very yummy though!
P.S, I've created a link to your blog from my page if that's okay? x