Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Getting there

Hello all,

I hope I find you all well this evening. Above are some pictures of work in progress in the workshop. The top picture is a pin brooch that hangs on the wearers top and has a small gold bird hanging inside, I'm quite pleased with this piece I have to admit :) Nice little thing. The lower picture is a pendant in the same style and the big purple blob is a pin brooch that is getting ready for plating. The purple stuff is stop out that stops the plating from taking hold on those areas. You can get some nice decorative things going on if you have the patience to paint it all on. It's about the consistency of nail varnish so its not the easiest job in the world!

Today we were building plinths for the degree show, after being assured it would be a one hour job, 5 hours later we were done. We built 1 each in that time, such a waste of a day. I had so many plans! But needs must and all that jazz so chin up and get on.

More pictures soon of things coming out of and going on in our workshop. Hope you're all well.


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Anja said...

The pin brooch is so lovely. Well done.