Friday, 4 April 2008

golden birds

Well well, today was highly productive. I got three pieces finished, another three started. Hoorah! Above are two of the finished pieces, both are gold plated and oxidised silver with etching details and hanging gold birds.

The top two images are [obviously] a small decorative bowl (about 5 or 6cm diameter) and the last picture is of a pin brooch *note to self : start coming up with titles for things*. I do like when things come along at a decent pace, less worry all round about the
apparent lack of productivity. I have come to the conclusion that no matter what I do, I work in spurts. Despite working away for a few weeks and not much seeming to happen, suddenly I find myself with a few things all coming together at once. Ah well, whatever works, shouldn't complain as long as I have work at the end of the day :)

Also, Emily and I swapped our cake day duties, she's having some issues with her kitchen so I offered to go this week to give her some more time to sort stuff out. All went well and thanks to Iain for helping with the making. I do apologise for so many things going wrong, it's not normally that bad, I promise. Anyhoo, on the menu today we found the chocolate ganache cup cakes I wrote about a few posts ago and a banana, pecan and toffee loaf. It was all gone in 20 minutes flat. Cakes never last when there are 19 hungry and stressed jewellers on the prowl. As long as it was all enjoyed thats all that counts.

Hope you all have a nice weekend and speak to you soon. x


jen collins said...

these are beautiful! i love the bowl especially.

Donna MacKay said...

hello hollie!good work i must say!love donna and al xxxxxxxxxxx.x