Saturday, 19 April 2008


Only two weeks to go now guys, but I think I'm ready for it to be done and for summer to be here. Lovely weather the past few days, still a little chill in the wind but I'm sure it will only take a couple more weeks and that will be gone.

Above are two new pieces I've just finished. Hours of blood, sweat and tears went into these, more so than the rest. All because I decided it was a good idea to make the chain by hand. OK, so I'm pleased with the results but oh the misery that comes with it. These haven't even been cleaned up yet, so that the job for Monday, then that way, all my pieces for the degree show will be done. I would start another, I have the time, but I don't want to tempt fate. Plus it would make more sense to use this time to do display work, and the very, very, very neglected sketchbooks. Two weeks seems a long time but there is no point in cramming too much in and ending up with a lot of half done jobs rather than a few well done ones, I'm sure you'll agree. Anyway, the top piece is a bit of a monster, it's not exactly the most practical of things in the world, but that's not really what the art school is all about is it. It's a two meter long chain with a hut hanging on each end, you basically wrap it round your neck as you like then hook the little hut onto the chain if you want, or just have them both hanging. When its not on it looks like some sort of not quite right skipping rope. I've no ideas on how to display it at the moment, I'm not really wanting to use mannequins but it might come down to it with this one. The second piece is a bit more practical but was a nightmare to make, the links were so fine and small it was hit and miss but I think in the end I only messed up two of them, and therefore only had two to replace, so it went very well all things considered.

Postcards also arrived this week, Tenna was right, you're never pleased with what you get. It's not that the print isn't good, the quality is excellent. It's just by the time they arrive you've moved on and have something else you would have preferred to have used as your image. Always a next time though ;) Saying that, I'm never pleased with anything I make, no matter what it's never quite right or how I wanted, I guess that's just how things are though. If everything was perfect or as it's meant to be then I could put down my tools now and go home, no need to be making anything else. I could just happily bake cakes and knit till the cows come home. But we know that won't happen so it means my friends still have to hear my endless moan of "I don't like it". Oh well, I'm sure they don't mind much as long as I keep feeding them cake :)

Have a nice weekend x

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Lisa J. Murphy said...

I can't wait to see everyones collections coming together, its going to be amazing to see after seeing the working process this year! Good luck and have fun with the sketchbook work! x