Tuesday, 29 April 2008


I'm in two minds at this exact moment, I had just typed up a post saying I wasn't going to put up any more images of work until the degree show, I don't want to spoil the surprise, but then I suppose there are maybe people reading this who won't be able to come and I'll be putting the work up anyway so why wait. So while I decide I thought I would compromise and put up this picture because it's a piece I've shown before, but this time it's modeled by Miss Jen Ker who I accosted during our lunch break last week while we were chatting. She kindly agreed to be photographed wearing all my brooches, I thought it was important for them to be shown in some sort of context so that you can see how big the piece really is. As you can see this one is fairly small and delicate. The one thing I had to promise was her face isn't in any of the photos so the images are pretty cropped, so while still difficult to tell the scale, its easier than if they were on a plain white background. So for now, this image will have to do while I decide about showing the rest now or waiting until after the 16th of May.

Also, I will be opening up my online store soon I think. Probably during the degree show or the week after. Just some advanced warning so you can all start saving up your pennies :p

And finally, it's the 2nd year assessments in the department tomorrow and the 3rd year by the end of the week, so good luck to them all, I'm sure none of them need it though.

I hope you've all had a good start to your week and that you're enjoying the same lovely weather we were treated to today here in Dundee. x


Lisa J. Murphy said...

Aww thank you for the good lucks! I'm at 11.30 today, urgh! Scary stuff! Though I'm sure it gets even more scary as the year go on. I cannot wait to see the degree show! Everything in the workshop looks awesome!!!
Counting down the days....

Nicola Wyllie said...

Thanks for the good lucks hollie, lets hope teena is in one of her rare good moods lol. Your pieces are all looking very scrummy! Cant wait to have a look on your online store.
Good luck with the degree show!