Friday, 30 May 2008

The life and times of a soap merchant

Greetings all, I hope I find you well.

This week has indeed been a busy one, as previously predicted. Yesterday I started my new job in Lush (the soap shop) and so far am enjoying it, however, my head is full of mince about what everything is and whats in them and such but that's to be expected. Yesterday was general shop chat, safety, filling in forms etc, today was about the products. I was taken around about half of the stuff and told everything about them then had to go back and say what I could remember, which was more than I expected. Of course though, because I am now trying to remember I don't have a clue about any of it. So tonight I am sitting here with the Lush Times and trying my best to recall what I was told so I can know something by my next shift. I'm sure I'll work something out.

I also made a decision about the business cards and settled on Moo cards, I'm sure Jen will be pleased. They have now been ordered, I decided on about 8 images and got 2 packs because I still have some postcards left over to go with them. On that note, does anyone want a postcard? Let me know, I'll post one off to you no trouble, just in case you'd like one and weren't able to swing by the degree show to pick one up yourself. Don't ever claim I'm not good to you guys :)

On top of this waffling, this week I have also sorted out my hallmark, sent of my silver scrap, visited friends I haven't seen in a long time, visited 2 other cities, signed the lease on my new flat, met up with my mum, met up with my grandad and generally been very social and busy at all times. However, because I'm not used to being this useful my poor left foot has given up and is very sore so for the next couple of days all I can do is sit and let it mend itself. Today I didn't so much walk as hobble everywhere I had to go. I did have other jobs I meant to do but forgot about so they will now be pushed back till next week I think, still though, everything is safely on track. It's a nice feeling. One I must admit I'm not really used to.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. x

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jenuine said...

hooray for moo!

i can imagine it'd be rather hard remembering what everything's made off in lush. when people ask me about films i tend to refer them to the magazine or ask someone else as i am not blessed with the talent of describing films; even when the film is good, i manage to make it sound bad somehow. i applied for a job in lush a couple of years ago, but i think i spent more time on colouring in my cover letter than making use of the actual content.

i have one of your little postcards, i thought you'd made some lovely little things.