Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Last days

We are with Degree Show 2008 guys!

Today was our last ever day of working, strangely enough, it didn't feel any different from any other day and there wasn't much frantic panicking to be seen. So assessments start tomorrow morning and by this time next week I will have my results...and therefore a degree... and will have to be a grown up... maybe...but unlikely! So wish me luck and jump for joy as Ms Jen Ker is demonstrating above.

Laters x


Grogipher said...

Hahahahaa that photo of Jen is really ace!!

I've got everything crossed for you :D

jenuine said...

that photo of jen is hilarious!

i feel weird with so much free time on my hands already. :/

Lisa J. Murphy said...

Gooood luck! You're all fab, I can't wait to see all your stuff as a collective! Wooohooo!

Lisa x