Sunday, 25 May 2008

Going, Going... Gone

Well the degree show closed yesterday, I hope you had a chance to pop by and have a look. There were plenty of funky things to be seen. So it's the end of a busy week, next week will be busy aswell though. Tomorrow we have a talk from one of the tutors about setting up a business, Tuesday, I know I have something on, but right now I don't remember what... must think! Wednesday I'm off to Edinburgh to visit my good friend William. Thursday and Friday are my first 2 days in my new job. I still don't miss Asda...funny that ;p

In between all this I need to get business cards printed so I'm set for London. I went through so many postcards at the Degree show I'm scared I'll run out during the week of New Designers which we will be showing at in the first week of July. Now I need to decide between Moo cards and traditional business cards from one of the many print places on the Perth Road. I'll also be trying to sort out my workshop situation and making start making new pieces for London. Mostly because I need something to do and I'm a bit fed up of staring at the same pieces all the time, so I'll keep you updated on that.

Hopefully, my website will be on the go sometime this week, Iain has been fixing the sub-domains and such (yeah, that means nothing to me either). Anyway, I think that's a good thing. He wouldn't tell me if it wasn't.

So lots to keep you updated on and a busy week once more. Shall see you all soon x

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jenuine said...

moo moo moo moo! moo cards are swell, i got various little things from there last year too, i love them! i managed to convert almost my entire class, haha.