Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Now that the degree show is fully under way there are still plenty of other jobs to be keeping me busy. Today I tidied up my desk and bench and collected all my stuff into bags for moving to their new home, which in turn will be my new home too. However, I have a LOT more stuff than I realised so tomorrows job is to go through all my stuff again and be brutal about what I should keep and what can go. Sadly, my new flat will be smaller than the one I'm in at the moment so I will have to be harsh with my junk and cut back on my hoarding habits, however, it is a much nicer flat, so it's all good.

Another job in my to do list is to apply for a hallmark before I graduate. Taking full advantage of the student discount while I can. Unfortunately though, I don't understand the form. We were given application packs a few months ago by Roger and I filled mine out but realised it was an application for the London Assay Office, but I think it would be nicer to have my stuff hallmarked in Scotland.

I realise this won't make much sense to you non-jewellers out there but basically there are four Assay Offices in Britain where you can register a makers mark and they in turn hallmark your work. One in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Sheffield. Obviously, with there only being one office in Scotland it would be nice to have my work marked there plus I can take my work there myself rather than sending everything by post like I would with London. However, while the application form for London was so simple, the Edinburgh one, not so much. I don't even know if I've managed to find the right form on their website. I think I may give the office a call tomorrow and make sure I'm filling out the right thing. Nice to know though, that if I get this all sorted out it will be the lovely little building above that is stamped into my work along with my makers mark and the date stamps and such.

Another busy day tomorrow and possibly some exciting news... but more on that when everything is confirmed. Until then, you can all keep guessing.

Till later x

{Update} I gave the Assay Office a call today and did indeed have the right forms which have now been filled in and ready to post tomorrow. The lady I spoke to was also very nice and full of advice about what shapes to pick for your mark and the like. Again, another productive day. Hoorah.

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