Monday, 12 May 2008



in other news, today our external assessor (Jack Cunningham) was in and 6 of us were chosen at random to speak to him about our work. I was one of them. I'm not really sure about the purpose of us talking to him, it was just a general chat, about your work, things you liked things you would have changed, what else you would have liked to have done, plans for next year, plans for the future. Just general banter really. He was very nice though, a lovely man. He could have very easily have scared us all but he was so positive about everyones work and he seemed to really like the little bowls I've shown above. Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Hope you're having a nice week so far. x


Grogipher said...

All the best of luck!

Lisa J. Murphy said...


Good luck!!

I feel awful for you all, you'll all be tossing and turning in your wee beds tonight! I can imagine what I'd be like...such a worrier!

You have all worked so hard this year, you all deserve the very best!

Can't wait to see your post tomorrow ;-)!!!

Lisa x